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Turmeric spice mix (and latte recipe)


So, maybe you’ve been hearing about turmeric lately. It’s a spice commonly used in Indian cooking — and sometimes as a natural colorant for butter and other foods. Of the many health benefits it’s associated with, the most broadly helpful could be inflammation. (This page from the WebMD lists the possible health benefits of turmeric, which effects are in question, dosing info, and precautions.)

I discovered this “tea” a few weeks ago, and I’ve been enjoying it frequently since then. And with the cold snaps we’ve been having lately, it’s still seems the right weather for a toasty drink. I think it makes a nice sub for coffee. I’m not saying it tastes anything like coffee, but it has the same combo of exotic flavors mixed with sweetness (if you choose to make it sweet) and creaminess.

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