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Recipe review: White Bean Chicken Chili

Note/update: I now have my own chicken chili recipe post on this site. For a simple recipe with all the instructions in one place, check this out: Easy Chicken Chili.
I saw a yummy-looking recipe for White Bean Chicken Chili pinned on Pinterest the other day and thought it sounded like great food for a snow day. But when I looked up the recipe, it didn’t sound so great. The recipe was scaled to feed a crowd, and used very little actual chicken.
I still loved the idea, though, so I hit AllRecipes and found this one there.
White Bean Chicken Chili
Photo from AllRecipes.

I made a couple minor tweaks: I only used one can of beans, and skipped the cayenne. I also used already-roasted chicken breasts from Dillon’s deli to cut down on some time and effort. (The secret to getting juicy roasted chicken at the grocery store? Pick it up at 3:30 or 4 pm. By 5 or later, they’ve been sitting under heat lamps too long and have become nasty-dry.)

This was a hit with my husband — and that’s sayin’ something, because he is an avowed soup-hater! And he even commented on how good the chicken was. He’s not really a huge fan of chicken, either.

I liked it because it was fairly simple to throw together. And yes, yummy! (A tiny bit too spicy for me, but then, I’m a spice wimp.)

If you’ve already made traditional chili in the last week but you’re not out of snow days yet, this is great cold-weather food! White Bean Chicken Chili, via AllRecipes. Husband and wife approved.