Sriracha cream sauce or dip

Sriracha cream sauce recipe

A couple weeks ago, we had a delicious dinner at Lemongrass: Taste of Vietnam in Old Town. We ordered a couple appetizers, one of which was “Crabocado” – a perfect avocado stuffed with lump crab and drizzled with a Sriracha cream sauce. All four of us — two of us spice wimps, two not — devoured it! Later, my husband’s side dish of green beans came drizzled with what looked to be the same sauce. This man is not a fan of green beans: he sort of likes them when I add carmelized onions and plenty of bacon. But drizzled with that sauce? He ate ’em all up!

So I’ve been trying to recreate that sauce. I doubt my ingredients are the same, but I think I got close in flavor.

What can you do with this stuff?

Well, drizzle it over crab-stuff avocado, of course! Or just plain avocado.

sriracha cream sauce with crab-avocado appetizer

Or over green beans. Or just about any hot vegetable. Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and snow peas come to mind.

sriracha cream sauce on green beans - made my green-bean-hater eat 'em up!

More drizzle potential: over your favorite salmon patty or crabcake recipe.

sriracha cream sauce over salmon cake

I’ve also added it to an impromptu lunch: sausage sauteed with onion and greens on top of mashed sweet potato. Yum!

sausage + greens on sweet potato + sriracha cream sauce

How else could you use it? I think it would be great as a dip for regular or sweet potato fries, or as a thin smear on a bahn mi. I could see it drizzled over crack slaw, or fried rice.  It’d also be great on fish tacos — or any tacos, really. I hear it’s great on sushi.

Seriously: you want this stuff in your fridge!

Sriracha cream sauce or dip recipe

2 Tablespoons mayonnaise (homemade, if you’ve got it)

2 Tablespoons whole-fat plain yogurt or sour cream

…(substitute plain coconut-based yogurt to make it Paleo)

1/2 Tablespoon Sriracha, plus more for adjusting to your taste

1 t. honey, plus more for adjusting to your taste, if needed

…(omit for strict Whole30)

1/8 t. ground pepper

pinch of salt, or to taste


Stir all the ingredients together in a small bowl. Taste; let it sit in your mouth a minute — the heat is slow. If it’s too mild for your taste, add Sriracha a few drops at a time till you like it. (I’m a spice wimp, so I make it fairly mild. I added three or four drops.) Or tame it down with more honey and/or yogurt/sour cream. I started with a fairly salty mayo (didn’t have any homemade on hand, this time), so you may want to add more salt, too.

Keeps in closed container in the fridge for as long as your mayo and yogurt or sour cream would.


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  1. Made this tonight for dinner. It was wonderful. Hubby told me during dinner that it will have to be a repeat so I will be adding it to my recipe book. I didn t have cornstarch and used all-purpose flour instead and it worked great. I did have to cook the sauce a couple extra minutes to thicken it. I have extra cream sauce leftover so I have a feeling I may be cooking some chicken or shrimp later this week ?? Thanks for recipe!

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