Monte Cristo Sandwich – a twist on the usual turkey-and-cranberry-sauce sandwich

monte cristo sandwich - what to do with leftover turkey
What to do with leftover turkey, ham, or cranberry sauce? Here’s one of my favorite sandwiches, known as a Monte Cristo: turkey, ham, and Swiss (provolone or mozzarella would work, too), fixed grilled-cheese-style — but with a twist. You briefly dip the outside of the sandwich in an egg and milk mixture, like you would for French toast. Or if you happen to have leftover French toast, you could just assemble everything and heat it up in the oven or microwave. Add a little bacon? Not traditional, but that would be good, too. (Duh! Everything’s better with bacon!)

Traditionally served with a side of blackberry or raspberry jam, but I like it with cranberry sauce or orange marmalade!

Several Monte Cristo recipes:


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