Marinated onions

marinated onions

I’ve posted pickled onions in the past — which I still love! — but in order to work a little more healthy fat into my husband’s keto diet, I made this version that’s heavy on the olive oil.

This condiment is really quick to make up, and makes a great addition to salads and sandwiches, or a deli/charcuterie platter. It might even make a good holiday gift. (Here are a bunch of other sugar-free food gifts.)

Marinated onions recipe

In a small dish, stir together:

– 1/4 cup olive oil

– 1 teaspoon rice vinegar (or other mild vinegar)

– 1 teaspoon dried herbs of choice – I used oregano & thyme

– 1 generous pinch coarse salt

Then thinly slice onions (red onions are pretty, but yellow is what I had on hand), and add them to the dish till you have enough for what you need, but all onions are submerged.

Cover and let marinate for at least an hour. You may store this at room temp for two days. Use up the onions by then, and employ the leftover marinade to make a vinaigrette, or drizzle it over veggies or fish.


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