Guilt-Free Treats (e-book)

Some people do best at going sugar-free all at once, including anything that seems like a treat, even if it’s sugar-free.

But some people need to ease into a sugar-free life. That’s what my journey looked like.

My eCookbook, Guilt-Free Treats is chock full of sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free — and most of all — yummy desserts that nourish the body and make your tastebuds happy! These recipes trace my journey from refined-sugar-free (but still using Splenda) to Paleo (using no artificial sweeteners and no dairy.)

guilt-free treats - sugar-free desserts

With clear, friendly explanations, I walk you through each step, explaining how to make substitutions if you’re going Paleo or have other dietary restrictions. It’s like cooking with a good friend looking over your shoulder — a friend who’s been just where you are now.

Guilt-Free Treats also includes several exclusive new recipes you won’t find anywhere else:

exclusive sugar-free desserts


Savor these tried-and-true desserts — including go-to favorites that readers make over and over again.

lime cheesecake shooters

In Their Own Words – Reader Feedback:

“I made these for a low-carb dinner I prepared for a couple of friends. Big hit! So simple to make, too. I love the tang of the lime. Thanks for the recipe.”

— Jena

“Thank you! I am making these for our Trim Healthy Mama Thanksgiving 🙂  So good!”

— Cinnamon



And get these goodies — JUST $6.00  $3.99



See for Yourself

Take a peek inside with these sample pages. Click on the small image to see it full size.

Table of contents:

Table of contents

Recipe ingredient chart:

Recipe ingredient chart

Sample recipe:

Sample recipe: sugar-free lemon icebox pie

Is it time to get off the fast-food and packaged-food treadmill and experiment with preparing real food?

Where to begin? Life is short — I say start with dessert!


Guilt-Free Treats eCookbook






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