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jana snyderThrough a combination of healthy eating and moderate exercise, I lost 30 pounds in 2014, and have kept if off since then!

(2018 update: In 2017, nine months of illness and recovery knocked me off my exercise routine, and I gained some of the weight back. The victory in this? I’m not freaking out. I’m still giving myself grace, but not giving up. I didn’t say, “Oh, well” and bail on my healthy eating habits. I’m still working on getting back my fitness groove. This is real life!)

I’m an empty-nest mom, and wife of 30+ years. I didn’t start out being a good cook, or even liking to cook, but I’ve picked up some knowledge and skills along the way, and now I look at preparing meals as a creative outlet and an act of love. And it’s become fun!

It’s also an act of love for the people I serve: I cook so the experience of a shared meal will bring joy, but also so the meal is as nourishing to their bodies as it is to their emotions.

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