All my best food tips (so far) for easy healthy meals!

tips for easy healthy meals

So New Year, new you? Thinking of quitting sugar, quitting processed food, eating more real food, trying gluten-free, grain-free, or going Paleo? I’ve done all of those, and while I’ve landed on a real foods, mostly-veggies-and-meat formula, I’ve collected quite a few tips that work for a wide variety of healthy diets.

Making the switch from convenience food — whether from restaurants or frozen meals — to a whole-foods/real food/homecooked lifestyle does have a learning curve, but once you learn a few tricks and practice them until they become habits, it’ll be a breeze!

Set yourself up for success by trying a few kitchen stocking and ingredient tricks. Here are all my best “tips for eating healthier” and “meal plan” posts:

ingredient prep, + why i like it better than meal prep

Stock the kitchen. 30 things I always have in my kitchen for easy, healthy meals.

Stock the freezer. More details on how I stock my freezer with ready-to-go ingredients for easy meals.

Ingredient prep. And why I like it better than meal prep. A list of what to prep, plus some helpful links.

Salads. Part 1 is my formula for tasty salads, and links to several recipes. Part 2 is your assignment to experiment, and some tips on packing salads. Salads, Part 1. Salads, Part 2.

Soup. One of the easiest, most fool-proof, comfort foods out there. Here’s an introduction to what I call “The Soup Method.”

Hash. Easy breakfast, lunch or dinner! I’ve written two posts on this: Five things to stock for a healthy breakfast. And The Hash Method.

9 easy no-brainer breakfast options with protein

Breakfast. Had enough hash? Here are 9 no-brainer breakfast options.

Lunch. Whether you eat out or in, plan your lunch strategy.

Dinner. Meal planning for people who hate meal planning — like me! Here’s my sort-of, flexible meal plan. For a more detailed plan, with notes about ingredient prep and links to more than 30 recipes, subscribe to my mailing list to get the 12-page download for free.

Make healthy meals easy. No measuring, no weighing, no points, no counting. Well, no counting higher than five. My 5-star formula for healthy, real-food meals.

Tips for success. Here are 15 tips for making eating Paleo easier — but most of them could apply to any real-food plan.

Try putting one of these simpler items into practice for one week, then add another the next week. Small steps mean quick success — and sustainable success.

You can do this! 🙂


All my best tips for easy healthy meals - includes what to stock in your kitchen, meal planning guides, and links to recipes!




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