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2-minute grain-free English muffin (Paleo, Keto, gluten-free, Whole30 friendly)

Paleo, Keto, grain-free, gluten-free English muffin

If you’re committed to living a gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo, low-carb, or ketogenic lifestyle, one of the hardest things to live without is bread — right?! You’re gonna love this: this Paleo/Keto English muffin recipe fits all those requirements AND it involves one bowl, a minute or so of whisking with a fork, and two minutes in the microwave. So easy!

Does it taste exactly like traditional English muffins? No: dial your expectations down. 🙂  But it’s so quick and simple, and helps round out so many meals, it’s earned a permanent spot in my recipe file. Just know that you’re probably going to want to enhance it with other flavorings — notes on that follow the recipe.

Paleo English muffin recipe

3 Tablespoons fine blanched almond flour

1 Tablespoon coconut flour

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/8 teaspoon kosher salt

1 egg

1.5 Tablespoons water

1/2 Tablespoon avocado oil or melted coconut oil


In a cereal or soup bowl, stir together the dry ingredients, then push them to one side of the bowl.

Place the egg, water & oil in the empty spot and whisk with a fork till well blended. Then stir the wet and dry together till it’s all the same consistency.

Grease a 7 oz ramekin. (I love this chemical-free, soy-free avocado oil spray from  Chosen Foods.) Put all the batter in the ramekin, even it out, and microwave for two minutes.

dish + spray for Paleo Keto English muffin

The ramekin may be hot! After removing it from the microwave, let it sit for about a minute, then turn the muffin out of the ramekin. If the top or bottom is a little soggy, just slice that bit off. Slice horizontally into halves or thirds, and let some of the steam escape before toasting. Toasting can be done in a toaster or oven, but toasting is essential to get a nice golden crust, for both visual appeal and texture.

Ways to use it (and enhance the flavor):

Paleo, Keto, gluten-free English muffin with chia seed jam

  • Spread with one or more of your favorite toppings — butter, ghee, cinnamon, nut butter, smashed avocado, sugar-free jam. (I like this chia seed jam from The Kitchn.)
  • For garlic toast, toast it lightly first, then spread with butter and garlic salt, and broil till you like the color. Watch it closely!
  • Serve it toasted but untopped, along with some good olive oil to dip it in. Might enhance the olive oil with balsamic vinegar, roasted garlic, or your favorite seasoning blend. We like it with zaatar.
  • Also a great accompaniment for any dish that wants its sauce sopped up with bread!
  • You can try it as a sandwich bread: I find it too dense for this, but you may disagree.  🙂


Note: Inspired by this recipe from Running to the Kitchen, but I’ve tweaked the recipe to make it a one-bowl deal, and to make the muffin a bit less soggy. See her original for a cinnamon-raisin version (not so keto-friendly).