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Restaurant review: 715, Lawrence KS

restaurant review; 715 - pan seared salmon

We ate at 715 Restaurant the other night for my daughter’s birthday. All our plates were good: the others got pan-roasted chicken, shrimp with gingered fettucine, and a lovely pork chop. (Unfortunately, my photos of those didn’t come out well. I try not to be too intrusive about taking pics in restaurants, so I just take one shot of anyone else’s dish, maybe just a couple of mine.)

Mine was one of the specials for the night: pan-seared salmon, served over a thin smear of housemade sour cream, with a salad of frisee and blueberries in a champagne vinaigrette on crostini. The salmon was the perfect contrast of salty/crusty on the outside, and perfectly tender and moist on the inside; the sour cream added a subtle creamy texture without overpowering the taste of the fish.

restaurant review; 715 Lawrence - pan seared salmon

I loved the tart-sweet balance between the blueberries and the vinaigrette, too. The crouton-like slices of baguette under the salad absorbed the excess dressing, which kept the salad light, and added a crunchy extra which was delicious all in its own right. Since I’m living mostly wheat-free, I had intended to just taste the crostini, but it was so good I ate it all! I do believe in the occasional splurge, after all!

restaurant review; 715 - empty plate

In short: it was a perfect dish!

The young ‘uns also got dessert: she ordered a raspberry ricotta cake that she said was a cross between cheesecake and cake, and he had a sorbet duo; one scoop each of sweet cream and coffee. Both were thoroughly enjoyed!

The ambiance is both casual and elegant, though a little noisy in spots. Service is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful without being intrusive. The menu is definitely on the pricey side for a town the size of Lawrence, but totally worth it for a special occasion!

Where to eat in Wichita: Fizz Burgers

Fizz Burgers sweet potato fries!

I have to confess, when Fizz opened in my neighborhood and I saw the signs, I was so appalled at the logo that I had no interest in trying the place out! I mean, tell me that this doesn’t look like it actually says “Pizz”!

Fizz Burgers (and the infamous logo)
Plus, that pistachio green color — one of my favorites, but not one I want to associate with burgers!
Luckily, though, my hairdresser Annie (who works a few doors down) told me that they had really good burgers. So my husband and I tried it out, and it was instantly our new favorite casual spot. (The hubs still insists on calling it Pizz, though. Ha. Ha.)
They do have great burgers, but they also have a great chicken sandwich (try it with avocado, bacon, and garlic aioli) and good salads. I love the chicken tortilla salad; in fact, it’s the inspiration for my own make-ahead Tex-Mex salad. (Sorry, no pic yet. Another one of those days when I was so hungry, I was halfway through the salad before I realized it!) In addition to the greens and chicken (alternately, you can order it with pulled pork), there’s avocado, cheddar cheese, black beans, tortilla strips, red onion, and a very tasty dressing.
But what Fizz is probably best loved for is their fries. They have some great traditional skin-on fries (my favorite kind!), shown here in a pic from their website with what looks like a mushroom and Swizz burger.
But what really puts them on the map is their sweet potato fries! (Did you know that sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes? Crazy, huh?! Plus, they have a ton of Vitamin A.) I’ve tried s.p. fries at number of restaurants, and I definitely like these the best. They don’t have that weird tang that you often get, plus they’re not crusted with unnecessary sugar and/or cinnamon. You can also ask to have your order half-and-half: half regular fries and half sweet potato fries.
They have six different dipping sauces you can order with either kind of fries: Garlic Aioli · Roasted Garlic · Smoked Pepper Mayo · Ranch · Pecan · Ketchup · Spicy Ketchup. And they’ll gladly bring you a bit of however many you want. But with the sweet potato fries, you gotta try the pecan sauce! It’s a little sweet, but not overwhelmingly so.
Oh, and they also offer dozens of different unique soda pops in bottles. Wine and beer, too. Dessert is available: cute little cake pops. I’ve never tried one, but I gave my sister one and she said it was “the best!”
Locally owned. Open for lunch and dinner Mon. – Sat. Closed Sunday. 🙁

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