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Fed Up: the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see

I’ve already mentioned sugar addiction here.

I just learned of this film; haven’t vetted it. Sounds pretty one-sided, but still, there’s truth…

Update, May 2015: I have now seen it. And it is polemic. Very “let’s make more laws to control peoples lives!” But the info about how the crazy increase in sugar consumption, what that does to our bodies, why not all calories are equal, and how much misinformation we’ve been fed is all spot-on. And I’m inclined to agree that marketing junk food to young kids should curtailed, somehow.

An experiment that shocked the scientists: Reheating pasta improves its nutritional qualities!

From a report by BBC: 

…what if you could change pasta or potatoes into a food that, to the body, acts much more like fibre? Well, it seems you can. Cooking pasta and then cooling it down changes the structure of the pasta, turning it into something that is called “resistant starch.”

According to the report, the advantages of this are:

  • Smaller rise in blood sugar
  • More pre-biotics to feed the good bacteria in your gut
  • Fewer calories absorbed.

But this gets better…

Curious but doubtful as to whether reheating the pasta would retain the benefits of cooling, the BBC asked a couple doctors to conduct a small experiment with nine participants. They tested eating the pasta original hot, after it was chilled, and chilled then reheated, testing the changes in their blood sugar several times. The results?

Just as expected, eating cold pasta led to a smaller spike in blood glucose and insulin than eating freshly boiled pasta had. 

But then we found something that we really didn’t expect – cooking, cooling and then reheating the pasta had an even more dramatic effect. Or, to be precise, an even smaller effect on blood glucose.

In fact, it reduced the rise in blood glucose by 50%. 

This certainly suggests that reheating the pasta made it into an even more “resistant starch.” It’s an extraordinary result and one never measured before.

At least one of the doctors will be continuing the research on a more scientific level, to see whether adding resistant starch to one’s diet can improve some of the blood results associated with diabetes.

This doesn’t mean you can pig out on big bowls of spaghetti, but it does make that leftover lasagna a little more guilt free!

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