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Spinach salad with strawberries


Spinach salad with strawberries is my second-favorite salad of all time, a close second to quinoa and spinach salad — and no surprise there, since they contain many of the same ingredients.

I think a big part of what keeps this one at the top of my list over other green salads is that I only buy strawberries when they’re in season. (My test for whether they’re good and ripe? If there’s a box of them at table height and I can smell them when standing over them, they’re good!) And since here in Kansas, good strawberries are only available April through June, this salad is a rare treat.

(SO jealous of my niece who lives in California, and can get amazing ripened-in-the-field strawberries year-round!)

It’s good with or without chicken, and all ingredients can be adjusted to your taste.

Spinach salad with strawberries

Recipe: Spinach salad with strawberries

For each individual salad:
2.5 oz. baby spinach (or thereabouts)
sliced fresh strawberries, to your taste (maybe 1/2 a cup?)
1 – 3 T. feta cheese, seasoned or plain (leave out for Whole30)
red onion, sliced thin; amount to taste
1.4 c. pecan halves (or to taste)
half of a seasoned, cooked chicken breast (about 3 oz.) – optional
balsamic vinaigrette or onion poppyseed dressing, to taste

(or the Whole30 compliant dressing of your choice)

Combine all ingredients; toss; enjoy!
Nutrition info, according to myfitnesspal.com:
Calories: 444
Carbs: 17
Fat: 32
Protein: 24
Sodium:  780
Sugar: 9

12 Mediterranean Diet Recipes to Try

With more and more evidence pointing to the Mediterranean Diet as both good for you and easy to live with, I’ll be exploring more of these recipes. Here are a few I’ve got my sights on…

Grilled Rosemary Salmon, also from Eating Well
Insalata Caprese II, via AllRecipes
Spinach and Feta Pita Bake — sort of a 15-minute pizza; via AllRecipes (400+ reviews; 4.5 stars)
Mediterranean Chicken, made entirely stove-top; via AllRecipes
Fattoush Salad is ubiquitous in Wichita, and with good reason: Lebanese is our strongest ethnic influence here — plus, it’s delicious. Here’s Kalyn’s Fattoush recipe.
Greek Feta Yogurt Dip, from Jeanette’s Healthy Living
And a couple bean salads to try (no good pics):

Recipe review: Hummus salad dressing, Mediterranean salad


Last week, Kalyn’s Kitchen posted a recipe for Mediterranean Salad with Hummus Dressing, and I made it for dinner that night. I mean, hummus-based dressing — how genius is that?

To suit our tastes, I made a few tweaks.

  • Added a sliced roasted chicken breast, for added protein. (Picked up at the deli.)
  • Swapped out red wine vinegar for the lime juice in the dressing. (To suit the hubs’ taste.)
  • Added a little Splenda; again for my husband. I love things sour; him, not so much. (I mean he doesn’t like things sour; not that I don’t love him so much!)
  • Substituted sun dried tomato slices for the olives, since neither of us are olive fans.
  • Sprinkled a little zaahtar seasoning on top.

It made a tasty, easy-to-throw together meal. Still plenty zesty, even with the tweaks. Two thumbs up!