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3 hours on the weekend, 10 meals for the week


Don’t be impressed by me: this isn’t my meal planning! This is a Columbia University student who has this concept completely nailed.

So impressed by this guy. He’s pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering, which has got to keep his schedule busy. But every weekend, he takes a few hours to prep and package five lunches and five dinners for the upcoming week.

meals for the week, ready to go

And this is no tuna casserole or hamburger surprise! His meals feature things like lemon tilapia, roasted carrots, mashed sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon, Cajun rice.

I have got in the habit of keeping my freezer stashed with healthy homemade burritos. I love how easy and thought-less it is to just grab one and pop it in the microwave. And it’s been part of the bigger effort that’s enabled me to lose more than 20 pounds in the last few months!

But for now, check out Sean’s plan. Get the whole story (and a couple recipes) here.

P.S. If this kind of meal planning makes your head hurt, you might prefer my “Meal plan for people who hate to meal plan.”