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Places to eat in Kansas City: Eggtc.


Found another great breakfast place in KC! It’s been there for several years, but we only discovered it recently.

Just a few blocks south of the Plaza on Main Street, Eggtc. is next door to Minsky’s Pizza (same owners). On weekend mornings, expect a wait. And expect good food!

As is so often the case, I ordered an Eggs Benedict (on whole wheat toast, to make it a smidge healthier).

Tender, juicy, flavorful ham; not too thick, not too thin. The egg perfectly done. Nice job!

They offer nine different kinds of omelettes, plus a “build your own” option. With eight kinds of meat, seven kinds of cheeses, 16 different vegetable choices, and a partridge in a pear tree… (sorry!) …you ought to be able to find or create something that suits your fancy. My friend ordered an omelette off the menu: Apple and Goat Cheese omelette, with walnuts and onion chutney. Not my cup of tea, but she enjoyed every bite.

I didn’t snap a pic of her husband’s plate, but he ordered the “Salubrious” omelette — isn’t that a great name? It’s not often a menu item has you pulling out your smart phone to look something up on dictonary.com! (Salubrious means “conducive or favourable to health; wholesome”.) It contains Monterey Jack and Swiss cheeses, asparagus, black olives, mushrooms and red onions, topped off with red onion chutney.

They also serve frittatas, crepes, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast pizza, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, waffles, french toast… you’d be hard-pressed to find a breakfast favorite that’s not offered here.

There were eight of us at the table; I don’t remember what everyone ordered, but I do know there were no empty plates at the end! It’s a wee bit loud, but the service was prompt and friendly.

Definitely recommended!

Eggtc. website

Eggtc. on Urbanspoon

Places to eat in Kansas City: Slice Deli & Bistro


On a recent short trip to Kansas City, we decided to try some place different for breakfast. I read about Slice Deli on Urbanspoon: it was rated 95%, and reviewers raved about how great the sandwiches are, and about how they smoke and roast all the meat on site. And given the name, I was expecting something bistro-ish. So we went with high hopes.

Which was a mistake.

Now, given all the positive reviews, I’d be willing to try it again at lunch time. And if you go in with realistic expectations, it would be just fine. (Except for the coffee. More on that in a minute.)

First the atmosphere: The space is bright and clean, with toys and games available to play while you wait. But Slice is adjoined to a convenience store, with a large open doorway between the two, and there is no change in ambiance from one to the other. “Deli” is an appropriate description. “Bistro” is not.

My husband and I both ordered “The Beater:” two eggs any style; two slices of bacon, sausage or ham; hash browns and toast. I thought the sausage and eggs (which I ordered over medium) were perfect. The hubs considered the sausage overcooked. The toast came without butter — and without an offer of butter from the waitress — and there was none sitting out. The hash browns were perfectly adequate.

I’m not a big coffee drinker, but my husband is. Big coffee snob, really, if we’re going to be honest here. He grinds locally-roasted Sumatra beans every morning, and perks it in a French press. Get the picture? He described the coffee at Slice as “the worst coffee I’ve ever had anywhere.” Given that ringing endorsement, I didn’t try it, so I can’t give the alternate opinion. If coffee is coffee to you, you might think it’s perfectly fine. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you might want to skip it.

So the bottom line is: go for lunch, go in with reasonable expectations, and if you’re picky, skip the coffee.

Slice Deli & Bistro on Urbanspoon

Places to eat in Kansas City: Beer Kitchen

The Beer Kitchen in Westport, Kansas City MO

The Beer Kitchen in Westport is another of our favorite spots in KC. In the past, we’ve enjoyed their lunch/dinner menu, including various salads, burgers, Mac & Cheese or Fish & Chips.

This time, we were visiting a little earlier in the day and looking for brunch.

Both the hubs and I are big fans of a classic Eggs Benedict, so we’re always on the search for good ones. We still miss the EB at Reverse Grill and Jack Gage, which are both now closed. ¬†ūüôĀ

But luckily, Beer Kitchen also has a brunch menu on the weekend, so my husband tried it. It comes with a side of “brunch potatoes” – chunky cubes of potatoes, crispy-brown on the exterior. The verdict: good hollandaise, potatoes nicely done, but the poached eggs were a little under done, with the whites being just a tad runny. But he wasn’t in a complaining mood, so he didn’t send them back.

I ordered a “Turkey Turkey” sandwich:¬†smoked turkey, turkey bacon, avocado, tomato, chipotle cheddar and chipotle aioli on grilled sourdough. Being the spice wimp I am, I was concerned about the chipotle component of this sandwich, but the waitress assured me it wasn’t spicy at all, so I ordered it as is. I should know better! It was just a little too spicy for me, but again, not bad enough to not finish.

Other than the spice factor (which wouldn’t be an issue for most people), the sandwich was delish. I especially liked the toasted sour dough: it was the absolutely perfect balance of crunchy outside and just-chewy-enough inside. Unfortunately, it didn’t photograph well, so no pic.

Even with these two small complaints, I would recommend Beer Kitchen without reservations. This was probably our fourth or fifth visit, and they have been consistently good.

They are open seven days a week: open at 11 am on weekdays and 9 am on the weekends. They close anywhere from midnight to 3 a.m.; check their website for details.

Beer Kitchen website

On Urbanspoon:
Beer Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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San Diego: Where to eat breakfast



Just back from a too-short vacation in sunny San Diego, this week I’ll be sharing some of the places we enjoyed good food! Today’s theme: Places to eat breakfast in San Diego.

The Mission  
A local coffee-house vibe, just a couple blocks to the beach, with lots of sunlight streaming in through the large windows. Their pancakes sounded scrumptious: blackberry , blueberry cornmeal, and strawberry granola were among the offerings. Alas, if I eat pancakes, I need a nap soon after, so, not the best way to start off a day of sightseeing!

There are more than a dozen breakfast entrees on the menu that are gluten free. For those who are pork-averse, they offer several dishes featuring soy chorizo. They also offer several “Latino Breakfast Plates”: rancheros verde, breakfast quesadillas, plato verde con huevos, etc.

We ordered off the “Mission Favorites” section of the menu. I got the Mission Rosemary: Crispy rosemary potatoes topped with scrambled eggs, tomato and an onion garnish. Eric ordered the Chicken Apple Sausage and Eggs: Chicken apple sausage lightly saut√©ed, served with crispy rosemary potatoes, and scrambled eggs. (Pictured above.) Both came with perfectly-toasted¬†rosemary bread.¬†My plate was very good, but meatless, and after a taste of the juicy, flavorful chicken sausage, I wish I had ordered that plate instead. Still, a great start to the day — especially when followed by a walk on the beach!

Located at: 3795 Mission Boulevard, in the Mission Beach area
Open for: breakfast and lunch
The Mission website
On Urbanspoon:
Mission Cafe on Urbanspoon

Hash House a Go Go
The interior feels more like a fun, hip bar than a breakfast joint; we ate on the sunny patio.

Their tag line is “twisted farm food.” And by farm food, they do mean fresh produce and meats, and midwest-inspired dishes, but I think they also mean “farmer’s breakfast” — in other words, LOTS of food! (Gotta stock up on carbs, protein, and more carbs for a day in the field.) ¬†Fortunately, Eric saw what the plates looked like before we ordered. These aren’t plates: they’re platters! No, really — I’m not exaggerating. Everything comes out on plates that are a good 14″ in diameter, and piled high.

So we split the Hash House Original Farm Benedict. The base is a big slab of mashed skin-on potatoes that have been “griddled” — seared on the grill so they’re crispy in places. Those are topped with the most enormous biscuits I have ever seen. See that big lump in the photo above, just under the tomato? That’s the biscuit — and it’s already been sliced in half! This is topped with fresh spinach, tomato, poached eggs, and finally, red pepper puree. Garnished with diced vari-colored bell pepper and green onion.

The dish featured great ingredients, expertly prepared, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if it weren’t so over-the-top — literally. With a dish stacked that high, it was impossible to get a bite of everything together. We ended up pulling out the biscuits; it was much easier to eat after that. I was disappointed with the biscuits; they were pretty bland. I loved the bell peppers and the puree, though — in fact, I was kind of greedy with it! But I am SO glad we didn’t each order our own plate. We would have had to walk away from a lot of leftover food.

Located at: 3628 5th Ave., in the Hillcrest area
Open for: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Hash House website
On Urbanspoon:
Hash House a Go Go on Urbanspoon

To the Point Cafe
Behind a white picket gate is the front yard/patio with al fresco dining and a potted herb garden in the center. Inside, an eclectic mix of tables and chairs lend a casual vibe.

The menu is what I expected to find in a California cafe: granola, fresh fruit, locally-made bagels. There are also Belgian waffles, wraps, frittatas and Benedicts. The latter looked perfect, and since Eggs Benedict is my favorite breakfast when eating out, I really wish I could have tasted one. Unfortunately, we were both feeling a bit “off” that day, and decided that underdone eggs would not be the best choice.

Eric stuck with a bowl of Coconut Pecan Granola, while I ordered a scrambled egg sandwich on a bagel. In retrospect, I wish I’d ordered it on a croissant or ciabatta – the other two options – since the softness of the eggs and the dense bagel were not a good match. But fresh ingredients, simply prepared; the sundried tomato cream cheese was tasty; I wish there had been more of it. We finished things off with a bowl of fresh fruit. The coffee was a little on the bitter side. A nice breakfast, but not especially noteworthy. I would go back just to try the Benedict, though!

Location: 4161 Voltaire Street in the Point Loma area; handy if you’re on your way to Cabrillo National Monument.
Open for: Breakfast and lunch
To the Point Cafe website
On Urbanspoon:
To the Point Cafe on Urbanspoon

What did I miss?
Of course, there are hundreds more places to catch a great breakfast in San Diego! We couldn’t catch them all in our short stay. If you know if a hot spot, tell me about it. We hope to go back some day!