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The Meal Plan for People Who Hate to Meal Plan

Have you tried the meal planning that involves making a bazillion containers of the same thing that you eat over and over again? Or complete casseroles that you stash in the freezer and dump in the crockpot?

Yeah… This isn’t that.

This plan provides a framework that you can work from every week, but adapt on the fly. It leaves you the flexibility to use what you like to cook and what your family likes to eat. It also provides accommodations if someone in your house wants to follow a Paleo, gluten-free, or real-food diet, but not everyone is on the same page.

This 12-page pdf provides a plan for six nights of meals, plus links to more than 30 easy real-food recipes.

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But wait — there’s more! 😉

How to start your change to healthier eating

right now:


I’ve collected some of my easiest and most successful diet hacks — ones that have worked for me — and packed them all into one pdf, explaining 10 simple changes you can make to cut sugar and flour out of your diet! And each hack is broken down into smaller steps, to further ensure your success at making the changes, and making them stick.

You get links to both of the free downloads when you subscribe to the “Tasty News” email. I make “Tasty News” worth your read! Once a month, I send a short email highlighting a few recipes or other tips, tricks, and news.

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