Guilt-Free Treats eCookbook

Getting Healthy? Start with Dessert!

“Life is short, eat dessert first,” the saying goes. I agree! Life is definitely too short to endure mood swings, cravings, brain fog, and low energy. Not to mention the higher risk of disease brought on by consuming processed sugars.

Guilt-Free Treats eCookbook

Enter my new eCookbook, Guilt-Free Treats. Chock full of sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free — and most of all — yummy desserts that nourish the body and make your tastebuds happy!

guilt-free treats - sugar-free desserts

With clear, friendly explanations, I walk you through each step, explaining the equipment that can save you time. And how to make substitutions if you’re going Paleo or have other dietary restrictions. It’s like cooking with a good friend looking over your shoulder — a friend who’s been just where you are now.

Guilt-Free Treats also includes several exclusive new recipes you won’t find anywhere else:

exclusive sugar-free desserts


Savor these tried-and-true desserts — including go-to favorites that readers make over and over again.

lime cheesecake shooters

In Their Own Words – Reader Feedback:

“I made these for a low-carb dinner I prepared for a couple of friends. Big hit! So simple to make, too. I love the tang of the lime. Thanks for the recipe.”

— Jena

“Thank you! I am making these for our Trim Healthy Mama Thanksgiving 🙂  So good!”

— Cinnamon





How my sugar-free journey started…

“Have you had her tested for hypoglycemia?”

I was 15, sitting in a pastor’s office with my parents, who were at their wits’ end with me. They couldn’t figure out why their daughter had turned into Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde. I was prone to such angry, violent outbursts that I sometimes frightened my own mom and dad. I could see it in their eyes.

After quietly listening to our story for a bit, the pastor asked my parents a surprising, pivotal question: “Have you had her tested for hypoglycemia?” (low blood sugar).

So began my journey into understanding the connection between food and mental/emotional well-being. With my parent’s help, I learned that eating sugar sent my biochemistry on a crazy roller coaster that had the power to make me anything from foggy-headed to furious. After some adjustments to our family’s diet, I learned how to eat mostly sugar-free, most of the time. This change (along with some therapy) made a world of difference in my ability to manage my moods.

Since overcoming that first health challenge, I’ve tackled many others throughout the years, in myself and other family members. And I discovered a passion for creating a more vital life with delicious, real food. Although I’ve studied many diets, I never forgot where it all started — with one simple step that has a profound effect on everyone’s body chemistry:

Reducing processed sugar.

What might it do for you?



See for Yourself

Take a peek inside with these sample pages. Click on the small image to see it full size.

Table of contents:

Table of contents

Recipe ingredient chart:

Recipe ingredient chart

Sample recipe:

Sample recipe: sugar-free lemon icebox pie

Is it time to get off the fast-food and packaged-food treadmill and experiment with preparing real food?

Where to begin? Life is short — I say start with dessert!


Guilt-Free Treats eCookbook





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