Restaurant review: 715, Lawrence KS

restaurant review; 715 - pan seared salmon

We ate at 715 Restaurant the other night for my daughter’s birthday. All our plates were good: the others got pan-roasted chicken, shrimp with gingered fettucine, and a lovely pork chop. (Unfortunately, my photos of those didn’t come out well. I try not to be too intrusive about taking pics in restaurants, so I just take one shot of anyone else’s dish, maybe just a couple of mine.)

Mine was one of the specials for the night: pan-seared salmon, served over a thin smear of housemade sour cream, with a salad of frisee and blueberries in a champagne vinaigrette on crostini. The salmon was the perfect contrast of salty/crusty on the outside, and perfectly tender and moist on the inside; the sour cream added a subtle creamy texture without overpowering the taste of the fish.

restaurant review; 715 Lawrence - pan seared salmon

I loved the tart-sweet balance between the blueberries and the vinaigrette, too. The crouton-like slices of baguette under the salad absorbed the excess dressing, which kept the salad light, and added a crunchy extra which was delicious all in its own right. Since I’m living mostly wheat-free, I had intended to just taste the crostini, but it was so good I ate it all! I do believe in the occasional splurge, after all!

restaurant review; 715 - empty plate

In short: it was a perfect dish!

The young ‘uns also got dessert: she ordered a raspberry ricotta cake that she said was a cross between cheesecake and cake, and he had a sorbet duo; one scoop each of sweet cream and coffee. Both were thoroughly enjoyed!

The ambiance is both casual and elegant, though a little noisy in spots. Service is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful without being intrusive. The menu is definitely on the pricey side for a town the size of Lawrence, but totally worth it for a special occasion!


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