Recipe review: Hummus salad dressing, Mediterranean salad


Last week, Kalyn’s Kitchen posted a recipe for Mediterranean Salad with Hummus Dressing, and I made it for dinner that night. I mean, hummus-based dressing — how genius is that?

To suit our tastes, I made a few tweaks.

  • Added a sliced roasted chicken breast, for added protein. (Picked up at the deli.)
  • Swapped out red wine vinegar for the lime juice in the dressing. (To suit the hubs’ taste.)
  • Added a little Splenda; again for my husband. I love things sour; him, not so much. (I mean he doesn’t like things sour; not that I don’t love him so much!)
  • Substituted sun dried tomato slices for the olives, since neither of us are olive fans.
  • Sprinkled a little zaahtar seasoning on top.

It made a tasty, easy-to-throw together meal. Still plenty zesty, even with the tweaks. Two thumbs up!


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