Recipe review: Chicken with mushroom (and maybe sage) sauce

If you haven’t discovered Simply Recipes, you simply must check them out! This was one of the first recipes I tried there, and it was a BIG hit at the dinner table! My hubs must have said four or five times, “This is so good!” And I usually try to make it for dinner when my daughter comes home from college. That always earns me a hug and a kiss!

So the recipe calls for chopped fresh sage, but having none on hand and not being sure that anything else would make an adequate substitution, I made it without. Also, I know they say you should never cook with a wine you wouldn’t drink, but white wine just isn’t something I keep around. So I went with the cheap-o cooking wine I have in the pantry. Even with these changes, this really is one of the most delicious chicken recipes I’ve ever made — or tasted. It’s impressive enough to serve very special guests, too.

And, and nice bonus for those who care: it’s low carb.


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