You’re too sweet! Sugar-free Valentine’s treats

Valentine's Day, Paleo style

If you love someone who’s living gluten-free, sugar-free, Paleo, and/or doing Whole30, here are some beautiful and creative alternatives to the usual sweets.

I list the sources, but in most cases, these were just posted on Instagram; recipes are usually not given. So consider this inspiration, and do a little googling if you want to know more.

paleo valentines - salad, strawberries

I love this gorgeous salad with heart-shaped strawberries and heart-healthy avocado, from Kirsten’s Whole30 (on Instagram; no blog). No recipe given, but I think this would go great with my sugar-free strawberry poppy seed dressing!


paleo valentines - bacon

Who wouldn’t love heart-shaped bacon?! From pardon my paleo (on Instagram; blog). Find instructions on cooking bacon in the oven here.

And how to serve that bacon? With eggs, of course!

paleo valentines - hard-boiled eggs

With heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs, of course! From pretend it’s a donut (on Instagram; blog).

Here’s a how-to video:


paleo valentines - fried eggs

Heart-shaped fried eggs. Kitchen Stewardship gives instructions for doing this three different ways.


paleo valentines - waffles

Also welcome on my plate any day: Gluten-free and/or Paleo waffles, cut into heart shapes, from Coco’s Paleo Kitchen (on Instagram; blog). Here’s her recipe for paleo waffles with cassava flour. (But if you want more options, I googled gluten-free waffle recipes for you.)


paleo valentines - flowers
And if you’re not up for anything the least bit complicated? How about avocado toast on a heart-shaped plate, with a side of flowers. From sugar seriously sucks (on Instagram; no blog).

Another simple solution: just write some cute words on a banana or two. (From Gloryboon.)

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paleo valentine's food


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