No-bake lime cheesecake shooters

I love recipes that are elegant enough to serve for special occasions, but easy enough to make every day! And yummy enough that you want to. These no-bake lime cheesecake shooters qualify on all counts! We make them at least once a week. It gives us a little sugar-free treat after dinner, which really helps cut down on those late-night snacks.
You’re going to be amazed at how simple the crust is. And it’s low-carb and gluten-free!
And did I mention easy?

A note about dishes to serve them in… I’ve served these in little half-pint Mason jars, which is very cute. But I also like the way they look as “shooters.” And by the way… my shooter glasses are really just candle votives from Hobby Lobby. The number of servings you get out of this recipe depends on what size dishes you serve it in. If you’re planning this for a special occasion, you might want to experiment ahead of time to see how it works out for you.

Then — oh, darn! — you’ll have to eat your test batch. Oh well, do it for science!

Recipe for:
No-bake lime cheesecake shooters

Printable: lime cheesecake shooters

makes 6-8, depending on serving sizes

1/2 c. pecan pieces
8 oz. cream cheese
zest of one lime
juice of one lime (or 1/2 or 3/4, depending on how sour you like things)
3-4 scoops of stevia extract powder, OR 4 pkts. Splenda (or other sweetener, equivalent to 8 tsp of sugar)
1/2 t. vanilla
2 drops yellow food coloring (optional)*
1 drop green food coloring (optional)*
1/4 c. cream
whipped cream:
1/2 c. cream
1 pkt. Splenda
1/2 t. vanilla

* If you’d like to avoid food coloring but still color the dessert, you may substitute 1 or 2 Tablespoons of avocado. Get the brightest green part, and make sure it’s smashed and stirred until there are NO lumps. If it’s fully incorporated into the mixture, it will stay green for a few days. However, any lumps, even tiny ones, will turn brown.


This crazy-simple crust is made of: pecans! That’s it! No butter needed.

In the photo below, you can see two different blender blades that came with my favorite kitchen gadget. The four-bladed piece (shown at the top of the photo) chops things up from coarse to fairly fine, depending on how long you run it. The shorter, two-bladed one (on the left) minces things down to a fine powder or — in the case of nuts — butter.

In the pic below you can see the difference. The left-hand image shows the pecans after running them with the four-blade piece for a few seconds. This would work just fine for crust if this is all you have. But if you have the second kind of blade, you can grind the pecan pieces until they’re so fine they begin to stick together, like in the image on the right, below. This gives you something with the look and consistency of a crust made of graham crackers and butter. Neat, huh?!

Then you just place about 1 tablespoon of ground nuts in the bottom of your serving vessel, and tamp it down with the top of a bottle (securely capped and very clean, of course).

Set those aside while you prep the filling.

If you want a few pieces of lime peeling for garnish, make sure you slice off a couple thin slabs of peel before you grate off any lime zest. Then just slice them up into little slivers and set aside. (I don’t recommend eating these. I love sour, but that’s too much even for me!)


Now you can zest the lime, and proceed with combining it along with the cream cheese, lime juice, vanilla and sweetener. (And food coloring or avocado, if you want. See note at bottom of ingredient list for info about using avocado.)

Whip this all up till it gets past looking like cottage cheese (top part of the image below), and starts to look smooth and creamy (bottom image).


Then in a separate small bowl, whip the 1/4 cup of cream just until it’s stiff enough that pulling the beater out leaves a hole that doesn’t fill in. Don’t whip too much longer, or you’ll wind up with butter.

Gently beat that whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture. Taste, and adjust. Too sour? Add sweetener. Too sweet? Add a little more lime.
Then, combine the remaining cream, vanilla and sweetener, and beat in the same way, but don’t add it to the mixture.
Taste it: if it’s not sweet enough for you, and if you won’t be topping it with sweetened whipped cream, add more sugar/sweetener. (Now that I’m adjusted to living without sugar, I’m more sensitized to the taste, so I tend to under-sweeten things.)
Now, assemble!
Sorry; I forgot to take assembly pictures. I think I must have been overcome with hunger!
It’s pretty simple; you can pipe the stuff in, using a baggie with the corner snipped off, or you can just carefully spoon it in. Lime filling first, then the whipped cream. And top with the garnish, if that’s your plan.
You can also make a lemon version, using the zest and juice of half a lemon, and omitting the green food coloring.
Either one is perfect for spring or summer. Mother’s Day, Easter, bridal showers, graduation parties.
Or just a little something after dinner on Tuesday to keep you from raiding the pantry at midnight!
Update 2: Here’s the nutrition info, via; this is for a single serving (one of eight servings), with the crust, but with NO whipped cream.
Nutrition Facts Per Serving   Servings 8
Calories 163
Total Fat 16 g
Saturated Fat 7 g
Monounsaturated Fat 6 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 2 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Sodium 87 mg
Potassium 95 mg
Total Carbohydrate 3 g
Dietary Fiber 1 g
Sugars 0 g
Protein 3 g

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  1. I made these for a low carb dinner I prepared for a couple of friends. Big hit! So simple to make, too. I love the tang of the lime. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. These look awesome! I've got some mini glass ramekins that actually came with bake at home store bought mini self saucing puddings that would be perfect for this! Just a question, what weight/spoon is your Splenda packet? I'm Aussie, so we have different sizes and I'd be using Natvia in spoon form.

  3. Hi… If I leave out the nut crust, what will the calorie count be? I am trying to make these for one person whose on low carb, and myself who is on a 500 calorie diet as something sweet for a special occasion. Any calories I can save will be helpful and I know nuts have a ton of calories.

  4. i have made this several times – with the pecan base and without. It never disappoints. Always good and satisfying. Will continue to make. I use lime and have not tried it with lemon juice yet but I will. It’s great. Thank you.

  5. My wife made it with lemon and it was a big hit at the family reunion. Great finish to a meal and a kick to the palate. :). Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow I made this but instead of splenda in the cream cheese or food coloring I added sugar free lime jello made it green and sweet enough. It is a great treat thank you for the recipe.

  7. I have been baking since I was 8 yrs. old by myself, from scratch. I am going to be 62 later this summer, been making up my own recipes and love old ones from 1920’s to present. Will try this in the lime but, I bet it would be fantastic in ORANGE or TANGERINE!! I did not see a way to just print the recipe without everything else from the page. Could you change this??

    Thanks, Sarah

    1. I bet it would be good in orange or tangerine – great idea!

      As for printing, if you are able to swipe over and choose the recipe text, then paste that into a document in your favorite writing/word software, that’s the easiest way. I am thinking about a blog redesign, so I’ll think about ways to make recipe printing easier. But I think a lot of people these days just take their smart phone or notepad computer into the kitchen!

  8. Can this be configured to be able to print it with the recipe and instructions together without the pictures? A print button?

    1. Okay, Winifred: since you were the second person to request it, I’ve added a one-page printable text-only file! You’ll find it between the title of the recipe and the ingredients list.

  9. I wish the steps were laid out like a recipe….I like to print and look at each step in order..I am a learning disability and this set up is hard for me…But, thank u for sharing…awesome LOW carb desert.

    1. Hey, Veronica – Can you see a link (it looks like red text to me) under the recipe title that says “One-page printable”? If you click on that you should see it in recipe form, whether or not you want to print it out.

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