Lime cheesecake stuffed strawberries


Cheesecake-stuffed strawberries is something I’ve been meaning to try for a long time, and now that strawberries are starting to be in season, it’s time!

They’re easy, they’re delicious little bites, and yes, they are low carb! Yes, there are some carbs in strawberries, but berries are pretty low on the glycemic index, as far as fruit goes, and one serving has 149% of your daily dose of vitamin C! The “crust” is also low carb and gluten free: it’s nothing more than ground pecans.

To start, make a batch of my no-bake lemon or lime cheesecake, and the pecan crust. Recipe here. Since these won’t have sweetened whipped cream on top, you might want to make the filling a little sweeter than you would for the shooters. Add maybe one or two extra packets of sweetener. (To make this paleo, use honey or maple syrup for the sweetener.) Put the filling in the fridge to chill while you go to work on the strawberries.

I used a paring knife, but if you have a strawberry huller, you could use that. (I used to have one, but got rid of it the day I discovered that it was just the right size to firmly lodge itself crossways in my garbage disposal. And I mean firmly.)

First I just cut out the leaves and upper core as I normally would to prep them for shortcake. Then I go back in with the paring knife and cut out most of the white-ish core, working out a little larger hole in the top. Then I use an ice tea spoon (because it’s narrower) and just stuff some of the filling in the cavity, then heap it up on top a smidge and smooth it out a little. Don’t worry about making the perfect swirl; the crust will cover it up.

Then just dip them in the pecan crumbs, and you’re done! You can cover and refrigerate them if you like. The filling will start to melt and drip the warmer it gets, so if you’re serving them later, do chill them right up until serving time.
Ah, spring!


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