10 healthy options for summer potlucks

If you or someone in your circle is living grain-free, gluten-free, low-carb or Paleo, here are 10 tasty options for your Memorial Day or Fourth of July potluck table…

Just about any dip you can find is low carb, it’s the crackers and chips they’re usually served with that makes them high carb. Use a crisp veggie instead, and it’s instant health food!  ? But skip the usual, boring carrots and celery on a plate; think jicama, bell pepper strips, ribs from hearts-of-romaine. And to make them even more appealing, place them in vertical glass containers, like the beautiful table shown here, from Sugar Plum Sisters.

veggies for party food

Here’s one dip idea…

garlic-herb cheese dip

Garlic-Herb Cheese Spread or Dip, also from this site. Tastes sort of like Allouette. Again, to keep it low carb, serve with veggie dippers. (Contains dairy.)

. . .

veggie tray with dairy-free ranch dressing

I also LOVE this Paleo dairy-free Ranch dressing, aka Dump Ranch! Make it without the coconut milk for a thicker dip.

. . .

Bacon-Avocado Sammies from non nom paleo. Don’t these look yummy?!
. . .

Paleo snack to go: breadless BLTs.

How about Breadless BLT’s?  Go all-in and make homemade mayo, too. It’s SO easy!
. . .
This is a vintage midwestern classic, updated to eliminate refined sugar, gluten, and the weird chemicals in CoolWhip: Strawberry pretzel salad. To the rest of the world, think of it as strawberry cheesecake pie!
 . . .
tomato avocado salad or salsa
This tomato-avocado salsa is included in a salmon recipe on my site, but if you cut it chunkier and serve it alone, it makes a really yummy salad. Use pine nuts instead of corn to lower the carbs. We actually prefer the taste and texture that way.
 . . .

Zucchini/squash Pizza Bites, from yours truly. The “crust” couldn’t be simpler: it’s just slices of summer squash or zucchini, lightly baked before being topped with your favorite pizza stuff, and broiled. (Inspired by Kalyn’s Kitchen.) Shown here in both pepperoni and vegetarian versions. (Cheese contains dairy, but you could omit it or sub something else.)

. . .

Deviled Eggs. Did you know that deviled eggs from the grocery store sometimes contain sugar? Yuck! Much safer (and Paleo-friendly) to make your own. I like ’em simple and classic, like this take from SimplyRecipes. Or try this twist…

Avocado Deviled Eggs with Bacon from Caveman Gourmet. I’ve made these — YUM!

. . .


paleo sausage on squash
Topping squash slices for pizza-like bites

Summer Squash (or Zucchini) Topped with Sausage and Cheese from yours truly! These can be mostly-made ahead, then baked or reheated at the last minute. (Contains dairy.)

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