My Paleo / Whole30 recipes (so far)


I’ve been eating low carb for a long time, but have just recently begun to explore the semi-madness that is the Whole30 scene! Here are some of my recipes that are already Paleo/Whole30 compliant, or can be made so with minor tweaks.

Already Whole30-compliant:

fish tacos - how to set up a fish taco bar

Easy, make-it-your-own fish taco bar


Paleo / Whole30 recipes: herb-crusted salmon

Herb-crusted salmon – so easy, and restaurant quality!


Paleo made easier - breadless BLT

BLT’s without the bread; using foolproof, easy, 4-ingredient homemade mayonnaise 


Paleo / Whole30 recipes: pork tenderloin

Quick pork tenderloin with seasoned rub


Paleo / Whole30 recipes: sugar-free gluten-free taco seasoning mix

Taco seasoning – no sugar, no MSG, no gluten, no milk, no hydrogenated nothin’, no cornstarch or cornmeal here! (Check the ingredients list on the ready-made mix above; you’ll be surprised!)


Paleo-ish, with the exclusion or adjustment of one or two ingredients:

Ancho-crusted salmon with avocado crema – leave out the yogurt or replace it with a splash of full-fat coconut milk if you’re avoiding dairy.
Paleo / Whole30 recipes: salmon with tomato avocado salsa

Salmon with fresh tomato avocado salsa – one of my summer favorites! Leave out the corn if you’re going wholly grain-free


Paleo / Whole30 recipes: Asian lettuce wraps

Asian lettuce wraps – replace the soy sauce with Tamari (still has soy) or coconut aminos, and leave out the Splenda.

Brat and cabbage soup – just leave out the beans, if you’re living legume-free.

Sloppy Jo’tatoes – requires a sugar-free BBQ sauce to be wholly compliant.

Coconut shrimp on spinach mango salad

Herb-crusted salmon with cream of pumpkin soup

Meatballs with marinara and Italian roasted cauliflower


New to eating gluten-free? Or thinking of going Paleo?

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