How to fail at morning devotions and midnight munchies

Early in the morning; tea and journal

A line from an old hymn came to me this morning as I was taking this photo: “Early in the morning, my song shall rise to Thee.”

But I can’t sing that honestly. Because early in the morning, I struggle to discipline myself enough to sit down and journal, or pray, or meditate — let alone sing (trying to focus on the words and not be distracted by my own warbly voice). Early in the morning, I tend to get distracted by the tasks for the day, or the fun easy thing I’d rather do. Early in the morning, I want to go my own way.

I’ve tried various approaches to this morning time. I’m always trying new tactics to keep things fresh, or to “be more disciplined,” or to address a specific weakness I see in myself. I’ve tried using prompts, and I’ve tried studying with different methods. I’ve also tried just sitting and being with God, in a receptive attitude. If I only ever approach it from a study tactic, I tend to live and write too much from my head and get focused on productivity. If I just sit and abide, I tend to lose focus on His word, and leave too much room for my fickle feelings.

For the longest time, I’ve seen that struggle for consistency to be failure. But I think I have a fresh angle this morning.

(This post has been moved to, as “Re-framing failure.”)



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