Tasty finds… in an antique store.


My first boss — the owner of a small graphic design studio — would sometimes say, “Some people’s taste is all in their mouth.”

As that saying implies, there’s more than one kind of tasty. And I recently had a tasty experience of the shopping kind.

In my world, a good shopping day doesn’t always have to mean I bring something home. Window shopping can be just as enjoyable as actual shopping. And there’s never any buyer’s remorse.

(Although, to be honest, I didn’t make it out of there empty handed. But I didn’t take out nearly as much as I loved looking at!)

Having a bit of time to kill the other day, I stopped in Juliana Daniel Antiques, which is next door to Traditions, near Douglas and Hillside. (Wichita, KS) They have a fun assortment of items — small to large, antique to mid-century modern, linens, clothing, furniture, kitchenware, etc.

Here are some of my fun finds.

Before I’d even set foot in the store, I saw this cute cafe chair out on the sidewalk. I love the pattern of the metalwork, and the bright happy color.

The next lovely that caught my eye was this unusual dress — the tag said “turn of the century.” It was sort of a coat-dress over a long skirt; the skirt was a hefty linen material and seemed to be in pristine condition.

Nearby was this cute vintage tin.

There were some vintage linens, as well. (Can you hear my heart go pitter-pat?) This is the area where I caved. I bought a lovely, pristine, white linen tablecloth with a wide blue border. So classic! And for less than $20!

I loved this bright, happy piece of fabric, too. I’m guessing it was post-WWII, or early fifties. I just don’t have any purpose in mind for it, and that’s hoarding, so it stayed in the store.

Two or three of these suitcases would be cute stacked up as a bedside table in a guest room. If I had one.

My parents had some suitcases just like this, but without the alligator texture. That’s one thing I kinda wish we hadn’t sold in the estate sale.
I almost didn’t post this next item, because I sorta wanna go back and get it myself. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s a child-size Eames-ish chair. So cute! I’m sure it would be quite the rage on Apartment Therapy.

Fun, fun! And a (nearly) clean escape!


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