10 things to do with a bacon-weave

My husband once wove some bacon together and draped it over a pork loin (yes, redundant, I know), but I had no idea that the bacon weave was a “thing.”
But it is. A little googling prooves that it most certainly is!
First, the most obvious {forehead smack} use: ensuring that every single bite of your BLT is bacony!
bacon-weave on a BLT
Food blogger SavoryNotes makes a mean bacon weave and takes a mighty-fine pic, above. (But a BLT on white bread — untoasted?! That ain’t right!) Her method involves whiskey and brown sugar. Hmm.
Lifehacker commenter JaySinn divulges his secret for a simple, single-serving bacon weave:

I find 2 slices and a microwave do the job nicely – cut the slices in half, then do a similar weave, but just three parallel and one perpendicular slice woven in the middle. Paper towel underneath and on top, into the microwave for 3-4 minutes and you get a nice crispy square of bacon, that is all stuck together in one easy to apply slice. The microwave method is much faster and you don’t have to drain the fat off while cooking as the paper towel absorbs the excess.

The Republic of Bacon claims the best BLT ever, featuring a bacon weave and chipotle mayo. They certainly have a brilliant idea on how to efficiently cut your bacon in half:
bacon package
Here are just a few of the other, dare I say, stunning things people have done with their carefully woven bacon…
A grilled bacon-weave turkey from BarbequeMaster:
Here is it topping an Easter ham, studded with cloves and glazed with a pineapple-juice/brown-sugar/7UP concoction, from the appropriately named LifeCandy:
The “baco” – a bacon taco – via This is Why You’re Fat (also appropriately named):
Bacon weave as a stand-in for pizza crust, via FoodBeast:
In the same vein, bacon-weave as a stand-in for bread, via the DailyBacon:
Have you heard of a fatty? AKA, “bacon explosion.” It involves bacon wrapped around sausage and, depending on the recipe, possibly other things. (Ah, America!) Most of the ones I’ve seen are really too grotesque for me to share here, gentle reader, but if you are made of strong enough stuff, you can find detailed instructions at Grilling24x7:
Things get curioser and curioser…
Bacon-weave-topped apple pie – via Is This Thing On?:
A bacon-weave salad bowl, also via FoodBeast:
And last but not least: Turtle burgers:
No, those aren’t actually turtles: the center is hamburger and the legs, heads and tail are hot dogs.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take some Maalox and lie down…

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