If you’re a writer — or you want to be, but you’re not sure you can really call yourself that, yet — you need a tribe! Writing is a solitary business, but I can tell you from firsthand experience that it goes so much better and less crazy-making when you have a group of like-minded people to encourage you when you’re losing steam, and share their experience when you’re confused.

I’ve found my writers tribe: it’s called hope*writers.

HopeWriters Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special here.

It’s a group of writers from around the world (mostly in the U.S., but we have a couple UK members and a few from other spots around the globe) who write with the intention of giving others hope. Some write with a decidedly Christian slant, some don’t. But it’s understood that we, as writers, get our hope from God.

The membership that gets you access to:

  • A website featuring video training from thoughtful writers and publishing pros about things like developing a writing routine, building your team, and honing your skills.
  • A private Facebook group where you’ll find a warm, supportive community of writers in all stages of the craft. Seriously: I’ve never experienced an online community like this anywhere else.This is an example of the kind of honesty and encouragement that’s consistently posted there:hopewriters facebook posts

It’s led by three published writers: Emily P. Freeman, Gary Morland, and Brian Dixon.

Emily P. Freeman, Gary Morland, Brian Dixon

One of the things I love most about hope*writers is that the founders aren’t all, “Here’s how we were mega-successful; just do it like us and you’ll be mega-successful, too!” They’re all about finding what works for you, your family, your life, your personality, your goals. This is most clearly expressed by item one in the “hopewriters manifesto”:

“We write meaningful words

without sacrificing our meaningful life.”

For example, my favorite podcast of theirs (so far) is titled, “What’s on your DON’T list?“, and it’s about the fact that you can’t do everything, and do it all well. If you’re going to make a few things a priority — say, writing and family — then you’re going to have to say “no” to some things — some of which may also be good things, just not the best thing for you right now. And they talk candidly about the things they say no to, and how they arrived at those decisions. (If you want to get a flavor of what the leadership is like and the type of inspiration and instruction you’ll get, you can listen to their open-to-all podcast. Link below.)

If you’re a writer — or want to be — I encourage you to check out hope*writers! Anyone can listen to all their podcasts for free, but members also get access to the hope*writers website library, which has tons of helpful articles about all aspects of writing and self-promotion as well as video interviews with other writers and creatives.

A friend I’ve met through this group says it well:

You’ll join for the knowledge, but you’ll stay for the community, because the best part is… the friendships you’ll make.

I’ve belonged for a couple years, and found it to be totally worth the monthly fee!

(I previously belonged to a different Christian writers group at $25 a month, and I’ve found hope*writers much more beneficial and supportive.)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018 Special here.

Free sample video series here.

Always-available podcasts here.

All about hope*writers here, and link to sign up.


P.S. I’m an affiliate, but I really, truly love hope*writers! If you sign up using the bold link above, I’ll get a little credit from them for sharing this great resource, and you’ll gain access to this amazing group of writers and encouragers. Win-win! 🙂