A food freedom manifesto

celebrate your food freedom



Being free to make your own personal, informed choices about food.

Knowing which foods you’re free to eat because they’re kind to your body and mind.

food freedom is...

Knowing which foods you’ve chosen to free yourself from because of their addictive or harmful qualities.

Knowing your own healthiest boundaries; when you can relax them and when you can’t.


woman enjoying food freedom

When you slip up, you don’t give up. You give yourself grace and move on.
Not expecting food to fill your depleted heart, mind, or soul.
Enjoying delicious food — with gratitude, without guilt.

free to enjoy delicious food

–  Jana Snyder, 2017

“Food Freedom Is” printable – A simple black-and-white page, free to download and print.


images via Upsplash:

woman holding sparkler – by Morgan Sessions

raising a hand – by Eye for Ebony

woman looking to the side – by Katie Treadway

muffin w/ pansy – by Alex Loup


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