12 Mediterranean Diet Recipes to Try

With more and more evidence pointing to the Mediterranean Diet as both good for you and easy to live with, I’ll be exploring more of these recipes. Here are a few I’ve got my sights on…

Grilled Rosemary Salmon, also from Eating Well
Insalata Caprese II, via AllRecipes
Spinach and Feta Pita Bake — sort of a 15-minute pizza; via AllRecipes (400+ reviews; 4.5 stars)
Mediterranean Chicken, made entirely stove-top; via AllRecipes
Fattoush Salad is ubiquitous in Wichita, and with good reason: Lebanese is our strongest ethnic influence here — plus, it’s delicious. Here’s Kalyn’s Fattoush recipe.
Greek Feta Yogurt Dip, from Jeanette’s Healthy Living
And a couple bean salads to try (no good pics):

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  1. All these Mediterranean Diet recipes sound so good – the best part about the Mediterranean Diet is that it isn't really a diet at all – it's about eating fresh whole foods that are naturally good for you. Thanks so much for including my Greek Feta Yogurt Dip!

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