The end of 5pm panic

'The Scream' painting, yealling 'oh no, what am I making for dinner?'

You hit the ground running this morning and haven’t stopped since. Now, it’s late afternoon. You glance at the clock, and the familiar panic starts to rise. Oh no! What am I making for dinner? You’ve been dealing with decisions all day long: making more choices about dinner just feels like too. much. work.

Or, maybe the decisions have been made. Maybe you’re using make-ahead meals stashed in the freezer, or you’re following a meal plan based on specific recipes every night. But the thought of the dish slated for tonight raises a rousing “meh” in your soul. You might bail on that plan, but you’ll be left with the same question:

What am I making for dinner? And how much work is it going to be?

I grappled with this question for years. I wasn’t a natural-born cook or organizer. Out of my own search to make everyday cooking less stressful and more doable, I developed an approach that worked for me. It has enough structure to simplify decisions, but also flexibility, so I don’t get tired of the menu. This new approach changed how I feel about cooking dinner every night!

I was so excited how this changed my attitude and capabilities in the kitchen, and how it made healthy eating so much easier, I wanted to share this with others. So I wrote a book!

book lying on desk

Oh No! What am I Making for Dinner? is a short, to-the-point guide, which explains my method that reduces daily decisions, but still has tons of flexibility so you can live with it long term. (No one-size-fits-all meal plan here!)

In this book, you’ll explore three different tools to help make preparing and getting dinner on the table easier every night:

  • A flexible template for planning meals, reducing your 5 pm panic.
  • Leisurely ingredient prep to reduce your effort at the most hectic time of day.
  • A smartly-stocked kitchen always ready for your most-used recipes.

All the tools are presented in a step-by-step format, with questions, worksheets, and how-to pages to help you set up a customized system that works for your household – your tastes, your schedule, your diet, your planning style.

worksheets and how-to pages

All the while, you’ll feel like you’re receiving gentle lessons from a friend who’s been there. (Because I have!)

Oh No! What am I Making for Dinner? is a must-have for:

  • the overwhelmed cook,
  • the person who’s trying to eat healthier, or
  • anyone who just wants to make getting dinner on the table more relaxed.

It would also make a great wedding or graduation gift, bundled together with some kitchen basics.

Available now on Amazon.