20-day diet prep plan: Day 2 — Prepare for New Year’s

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

If you’re celebrating for New Year’s, prepare for it early in the day. Right after breakfast or lunch would be perfect, so you’re not hungry at the time.

Binging tonight will only make your next few days more miserable! Decide before you go what foods you will indulge in and what foods you won’t. If you’re drinking, keep alcohol to a minimum. Set specific limits for yourself; better yet, write them out. For example, “I will enjoy one of Katy’s delicious desserts, but I’ll skip the chips and dip. I will have one drink when I arrive, and another small one at midnight. I’ll bring some La Croix so I’ll have something healthy to drink in between.”

(If you’re subscribing to the Whole30 Daily, do the activities for Day 0.”

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