20-day diet prep plan: Day 19 – salad lab and quiz

make some salad; creamy italian dressing

If you haven’t already read and done Day 20, start there. Seriously; you have to. Today depends on it!

Today’s two assignments: Experiment with salads, and take a couple quick quizzes.

Assignment 1: Make some salads

paleo food gift; creamy italian dressing

Remember those groceries you bought yesterday, based on Day 20? (No? See, I told you you have to start at the beginning!) Make two or three different kinds of homemade dressing, and play around with salad contents. Make yourself a few mini salads, and eat your experiments. Call it lunch or dinner. You might also prep a salad for lunch tomorrow.

Notes for packing salads: You can pack greens and vegetables together, but don’t pack anything containing salt or sugar with the greens or veggies. The chemicals will break down the cell walls and make them wilt. This includes cheese, salted nuts, dressing, and cooked meats, including bacon and salami. Here are some more great tips for packing salads, from The Kitchn.

Assignment 2: Take two easy quizzes

Take these quizzes to help determine which diet might be best for you right now.

You don’t need to figure out what diet is best or commit to anything today. I’ll give you some more guidance over the next few days, regarding what to do with your results.

Prep plan, Day 19


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