20-day diet prep plan: Day 10 — Make a plan for Christmas!

Eating well is a form of self-respect.

Christmas is only two days away!

Decide NOW which sweets and carbs are most important to you, and commit to eating ONLY those. I encourage you to write this out, post it on Facebook, or tell a friend, to really crystallize it in your mind, and commit to it.

The idea is to hit a line somewhere between “I can’t have any sweets or treats,” and “I’ll eat whatever I want!” Plan on skipping the things that you don’t love so much, but enjoy and really savor the things you do! Maybe your friend can help you sort out what those things are.

Here’s a message I put on my calendar a few years ago; I set it to reappear every December 20:

Christmas sugar reminder

This is a gift you’re giving yourself, so that you’ll feel better afterwards! Remember…

Eating well is a form of self-respect.



But if you do “slip up” or “mess up,” think about this…

Saying I messed up so I may as well eat crap is like saying i dropped my phone so i may as well smash it.


But more importantly: lest we get too wrapped up in food and other material stuff, let’s also remember that Christmas is about something much more important…

Peace on earth, good will to men

A peaceful Christmas to you and yours;

may you recognize and thoroughly enjoy every blessing that is yours!

(See you here on the 26th.)


{ Christmas calligraphy by Anderson Inkwell }





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