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Quick, easy lunch: Gyro wraps (video)

quick lunch from leftover hamburger - gyro wrap

If you’ve got some leftover cooked hamburger or leftover cooked sausage on hand, here’s an easy 10-minute lunch idea!

Other ingredients needed:

  • flatbread, wrap, pita bread (grain-recipe link below), OR large lettuce leaves
  • yogurt or sour cream (if you don’t eat dairy, sub mayo or other non-dairy products)
  • dill – either dried or fresh is fine
  • garlic powder or salt
  • tomatoes, chopped
  • onion, any kind, chopped
  • optional – cucumber, chopped
  • optional – oregano and/or zaatar seasoning mix

Don’t miss the notes and links below the video.


I always keep chopped onion on hand in the fridge to make things easier when I cook. And cooked, crumbled hamburger in the freezer. (For more tips, see the 30 things I always keep stocked in my kitchen.)

If you’re using sausage, you won’t need the seasonings I add to the cooking oil before the meat.

Recipe links:

The recipe for the tzatziki-inspired sauce can be found here: gyro sauce (tzatziki-ish) recipe

The recipe for the grain-free gluten-free flatbread (or pita) is here: grain-free pita/flatbread recipe

And if you want to make your own sausage (it’s SO easy!), there are a few options here: make your own sausage

Sriracha cream sauce or dip

Sriracha cream sauce recipe

A couple weeks ago, we had a delicious dinner at Lemongrass: Taste of Vietnam in Old Town. We ordered a couple appetizers, one of which was “Crabocado” – a perfect avocado stuffed with lump crab and drizzled with a Sriracha cream sauce. All four of us — two of us spice wimps, two not — devoured it! Later, my husband’s side dish of green beans came drizzled with what looked to be the same sauce. This man is not a fan of green beans: he sort of likes them when I add carmelized onions and plenty of bacon. But drizzled with that sauce? He ate ’em all up!

So I’ve been trying to recreate that sauce. I doubt my ingredients are the same, but I think I got close in flavor.

What can you do with this stuff?

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Citrus avocado salad with orange vinaigrette

citrus avocado salad with orange vinaigrette

This salad is beautiful, and scrumptious, but it’s also super easy to throw together. You can use whatever sweet citrus you have available. I used Cara Cara oranges this time, but you could use regular oranges, blood oranges, or any kind of orange cousin: tangerine, clementine, mandarin, satsuma.

The hardest parts are slicing the avocado and citrus, but that’s not really difficult, once you see a demonstration…

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What to make with leftovers: quick, easy mini fritters

what to make with leftover chicken - mini fritters

I picked up this idea from food writer Mark Bittman: he calls them “tiny pancakes.” (Here’s his original recipe.) It was born out of wanting to make himself something quick to eat, and finding some leftover scallops on hand. Don’t worry; you don’t need scallops to make this! Just about any leftovers will do, and you could do this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or brunch. Or appetizers. Or a midnight snack.

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All my best food tips (so far) for easy healthy meals!

tips for easy healthy meals

So New Year, new you? Thinking of quitting sugar, quitting processed food, eating more real food, trying gluten-free, grain-free, or going Paleo? I’ve done all of those, and while I’ve landed on a real foods, mostly-veggies-and-meat formula, I’ve collected quite a few tips that work for a wide variety of healthy diets.

Making the switch from convenience food — whether from restaurants or frozen meals — to a whole-foods/real food/homecooked lifestyle does have a learning curve, but once you learn a few tricks and practice them until they become habits, it’ll be a breeze!

Set yourself up for success by trying a few kitchen stocking and ingredient tricks. Here are all my best “tips for eating healthier” and “meal plan” posts:

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