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How to store fresh spinach

fresh baby spinach + how to store it

Ingredient readiness makes healthy homecooking so much easier! Fresh baby spinach is one of those things that’s ALWAYS on hand in my fridge. Its flavor and texture are very mild, and it’s an easy way to add healthy greens to so many dishes. But if you don’t store it right, it can quickly waste away into a slimy mess in the bottom of the veggie drawer!

Here are my tips on storage to keep spinach fresh as long as possible.

Important note: when I show how to use a paper towel for fridge storage, I forgot to mention or show that you also put the lid back on the bin!

Here are some of my favorite ways to use spinach:

As a pizza topper: Gluten-free pizza crust

In these quick, easy mini-fritters.

Paleofied buffalo chicken quesadillas

Crustless make-ahead quiche


And, of course, spinach salads:

Spinach salad with strawberries

Quinoa and spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Citrus avocado salad with orange vinaigrette

Club salad with creamy vinaigrette

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A food freedom manifesto

celebrate your food freedom



Being free to make your own personal, informed choices about food.
Knowing which foods you’re free to eat because they’re kind to your body and mind.

food freedom is...

Knowing which foods you’ve chosen to free yourself from because of their addictive or harmful qualities.

Knowing your own healthiest boundaries; when you can relax them and when you can’t.


woman enjoying food freedom

When you slip up, you don’t give up. You give yourself grace and move on.
Not expecting food to fill your depleted heart, mind, or soul.
Enjoying delicious food — with gratitude, without guilt.

free to enjoy delicious food

–  Jana Snyder, 2017

“Food Freedom Is” printable – A simple black-and-white page, free to download and print.


images via Upsplash:

woman holding sparkler – by Morgan Sessions

raising a hand – by Eye for Ebony

woman looking to the side – by Katie Treadway

muffin w/ pansy – by Alex Loup

Wanna change? Start small and doable. (#2thingschallenge)

start small - like really small

I remember when I first felt a glimmer of hope that I might actually be able to lose the weight I’d gained over the course of several stressful years. I found a website for a personal trainer, and the people in the “before pics” looked a lot like me. But what was even more encouraging was their “after pics.” They looked leaner, healthier, happier — but not like they were spending two hours a day working out. Maybe this is possible, I thought. And I actually cried from relief. I hadn’t realized just how hopeless I felt until a little ray of hope shone into my gloomy heart.

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All my best food tips (so far) for easy healthy meals!

tips for easy healthy meals

So New Year, new you? Thinking of quitting sugar, quitting processed food, eating more real food, trying gluten-free, grain-free, or going Paleo? I’ve done all of those, and while I’ve landed on a real foods, mostly-veggies-and-meat formula, I’ve collected quite a few tips that work for a wide variety of healthy diets.

Making the switch from convenience food — whether from restaurants or frozen meals — to a whole-foods/real food/homecooked lifestyle does have a learning curve, but once you learn a few tricks and practice them until they become habits, it’ll be a breeze!

Set yourself up for success by trying a few kitchen stocking and ingredient tricks. Here are all my best “tips for eating healthier” and “meal plan” posts:

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Stocking your freezer for easy meals (without committing to specific recipes)

freezer meal prep; meals

They say if you have healthy food on hand, you’ll eat it. But that’s not necessarily true. Faced with nothing but “ingredients,” it’s often tempting to just order pizza or go out.

meal prep; ingredients

And let’s be real: we’ve all chosen that road more than once! But if you keep those ingredients in an easy-to-use form, it increases your odds of actually cooking at home!  I’ve written before about 30 things I always keep on hand for easy healthy meals, but this post is going to focus on what I keep in the freezer, with some tips and how-to’s.

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