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Hate to Meal Plan?

ebook: The Meal Plan for People Who Hate to Meal Plan

Have you tried the meal planning that involves making a bazillion containers of the same thing that you eat over and over again? Or complete casseroles that you stash in the freezer and dump in the crockpot?

Yeah… This isn’t that.

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Small Steps to Big Change

ebook; Small Steps to Big Change

I’ve collected some of my easiest and most successful diet hacks — ones that have worked for me — and packed them all into one pdf, explaining 10 simple changes you can make to cut sugar and flour out of your diet!

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Real Food for Real Life

ebook: Real Food for Real Life - what to eat and how to make it easy

I share the what, why, and how of my real-food approach that’s helped me keep 30 pounds off for three years, and feel better than I have in decades. Boiled down to 30 pages of easy-to-understand and easy-to-do. 

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Guilt-Free Treats

ebook: Guilt-Free Treats - sugar-free, grain-free desserts

With clear, friendly explanations, I walk you through each step of 16 sugar-free, grain-free, guilt-free desserts. Some of them are also dairy-free and/or egg-free. I explain how to make substitutions if you’re going Paleo or have other dietary restrictions. 

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These are books I've read and found helpful enough to recommend.

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Well Fed Weeknights

I love how this book lays out a plan that makes homecooked Paleo meals doable. A mix of meat-and-potatoes recipes, plus more exotic fare.

All-American Paleo Table

If you just can't live without favorites like sausage and biscuits, waffles, hamburger buns, and ice cream... this is your book. All grain-free.


Sugar Addict Recovery

If you think you might be addicted to sugar (and especially if your family has a history of addiction of any kind), this may be your best place to start.

21-Day Sugar Detox

While I dislike the word "detox," this is a very helpful book if you want to kick your dependence on sugar and white flour in a short time frame.


It Starts With Food

Do you suffer from lack of energy, achy joints, skin problems, stuffy sinuses, daily headaches, and more? This book gives the why and how of conducting your own experiment to determine whether certain foods might be at fault.

Food Freedom Forever

Want to find your way to eating healthy but still enjoying the occasional, restrained indulgence? This book can help. I appreciate that, in this round, the author offers alternate elimination groups beyond the classic "Whole30."


Freedom from Emotional Eating

 The author has walked this road herself, and helps you find food freedom using Bible verses and practical renewing-of-the-mind tools.

Made to Crave

 Helps women understand how cravings for lasting spiritual satisfaction are often mistaken for cravings for food.

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