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I’m an empty-nest mom, and wife of 30+ years. I didn’t start out being a good cook, or even liking to cook, but I’ve picked up some knowledge and skills along the way, and now I look at preparing meals as a creative outlet and an act of love. And it’s become fun!

It’s also an act of love for the people I serve: I cook so the experience of a shared meal will bring joy, but also so the meal is as nourishing to their bodies as it is to their emotions.

For much of my adult life, I’ve been on a search to learn all I can about what I can do in regards to my health. And most of that comes down to food.

I grew up near my grandparents’ farm, so without even trying, I grew up eating locally-grown organic food! And much of my food philosophy looks to my grandparents’ ways and that farming heritage for inspiration.

.I’m not a health professional or nutritionist. Just someone who’s done a ton of reading, researching, and thinking about food and health. (I’m sure that my searching time has totaled to hundreds, if not thousands, of hours.)

.Through a combination of healthy eating and moderate exercise, I lost 30 pounds in 2014, and have kept if off since then!

Here’s the approach to eating that I’ve arrived at, and that all my research continues to confirm:


Try to eat food that’s as close as possible to the way God (or Nature, if you will) made it.

Whether you believe it’s God or Nature, it makes sense that

we were created for health, and

our bodies were made to run best on the foods this planet provides..

Also, live like a farmer! Try to be physically active every day — out in the sunshine, if possible.


In 2015, my husband and I began following the Paleo diet, so my newest recipes reflect that approach. Look for “Paleo” or “Whole30” in the categories.

I’ve been living a mostly sugar-free, mostly whole foods life for years, so most of my older recipes are still pretty healthy. But I do believe in the occasional splurge, so you’ll find some sugar-laden, bring-it-on desserts, too! For those, look for the “special occasion recipes” category.

I hope you enjoy my recipes, restaurant reviews, nutrition info, and miscellaneous wisdom.

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